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Going to a tailgate party?  Take a gourmet dish from home and serve it oven hot using a Tailgate Hotbag.  Try one of the hot dip recipes on our recipe page and use our Side Pocket Electric Tailgate Hotbag to keep it steamy hot from the oven all the way to the party, even if it's hours away.  Everyone will be very impressed.  Got a big crowd to feed, use our Extra Wide Tailgate Hotbag to bring 4 large pizzas and keep them oven-hot for everyone to enjoy.

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The Electric Tailgate Hotbag is a portable food warmer that keeps home cooked food oven-hot from stove to the party, even if it's hours away.

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The Side Pocket Tailgate Hotbag is a versatile, light weight, convenient portable food warmer that heats to 160-165º to keep food hot and safe from the oven to the party, even if it's in the next state.  The insulated bag is made of easy to clean 600 Denier nylon and has a rigid bottom with heating elements on the front and back sides for consistent, even heat.  Inside, it's a roomy 16"w X 9"d X 12"h with a press and seal top to keep the heat in.  The bag has an adjustable shoulder strap for easy carrying, top handles and roomy side pockets on both ends for condiments, napkins or beverages.  The supplied 6' power cord plugs into any 12v outlet and has a lighted on/off switch to tell you the bag is being heated.
$175. plus s&h

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The all black Side Loading Electric Tailgate Hotbag is perfect for wings and things

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The Side Loading Electric Tailgate Hotbag is perfect for flat dishes full of wings, nachos or dips.  Thermostat controlled heating elements on the top and bottom of the bag keep home prepared and heated dishes at a safe 165-175 degrees until ready to be served.  Plug the supplied power cord with a lighted on/off switch into the vehicles 12v outlet at home and serve oven-hot food when you get to the party, even if it's hours away.  Everyone will be impressed. 


 $129 plus s&h

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The Large Side Loading Tailgate Hotbag is for big crowds with big appetites

The Large side Loading Tailgate Hotbag is a huge 17x19x12
Keep a large dish or a bunch of subs hot for the party

Have a big crowd to feed, use the Large Side Loading Electric Tailgate Hotbag to bring lots of hot, home-cooked food to the party.  Made of tough 1000 Denier nylon, the bag has thermostat controlled heating elements in the top and bottom for safe, even heat.  Just plug the supplied 6' power cord with a lighted on/off switch into your vehicle's 12v outlet and you're ready to go.

 $179. plus s&h

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The Extra Wide Tailgate Hotbag has the
room you need to carry more food.

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The New Extra Wide bag is the same as our Side Loading Tailgate Hotbag, only wider.  It has all the same features, but it's size means you can carry bigger items to your next party and serve them oven-hot.  The Extra Wide Tailgate Hotbag is a generous 21 x 20 x 8.5, large enough to hold several large pizzas, a bunch of sandwiches or a really big tray of hot appetizers.


 $165.00   plus s&h

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AC Adapter is an invaluable accessory for any Tailgate Hotbag
The AC Adapter plugs into any wall outlet to power any Tailgate Hotbag indoors and make it much more versatile.  Heat the bag prior to transferring it to a vehicle so food stays hot right from the oven.  Great for potluck dinners, family gatherings, catering or to free up the oven.  Take a hot gourmet dish to a party and will be oven hot hours later when it's ready to be served.  Keeps the bag at 165-170 degrees indefinitely, as long as it's plugged in.  Once you use it, you'll find it invaluable and you'll use it all the time.

The AC Adapter plugs into any wall outlet to power any Tailgate Hotbag.

$79.95 plus s&h

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Put some wet wash cloths in a heavy duty zip lock bag and put them in the Tailgate Hotbag along with your dish from home.  At the tailgate, after everyone has been nibbling, offer them a hot, wet wash cloth to clean their sticky fingers, just like the best gourmet restaurant.  They will be very impressed.

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